Top 5 ways dads matter

"One myth is that the father’s contribution to the child’s learning isn’t so important and that couldn't be further from the truth," said Dr. Ron B. Mincy, fatherhood expert and author of the book, "Failing our Fathers."

In celebration of Father's Day, a look at how research shows dads impact the lives of young children for a lifetime.

 1. When dads are engaged with their kids from day one, infant mortality rates improve.

2. Children of engaged dads are more kindergarten ready and likely to graduate from college.

 3. Dad’s physical play helps children exercise executive functions. Rough and tumble play is an opportunity to learn boundaries, for instance.

4. Fathers tend to talk to their children more like they would with adults. As a result, those children tend to have a larger lexicon and become better readers–a major benchmark in determining future outcomes.

5. Dads have an enormous influence on their child's future relationships as their first role model and example of what to look for in a partner.


To honor dads this Father's Day, here’s a compilation of some top dad laughs, reasons dads matter and more.

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5. How reading 10 minutes to a child everyday can change their live forever: