What is the SPIRE CoLab?

The SPIRE CoLab is a partnership between journalism and philanthropy to create compelling media that inspire, inform and empower communities to take action on relevant social issues.

Why is it called SPIRE CoLab?

SPIRE stands for Syndicate, Partner, Innovate, Resolve, Engage
Syndicate reflects the capability of the partnership to collect and distribute pertinent information through media.
Partner reflects the unique partnerships involved in the SPIRE CoLab: the Herald-Tribune Media Group and The Patterson Foundation; the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and its participants; the readers and their stories.
Innovate reflects the emergence of a new way of sharing information among stakeholders and concerned parties. 
Resolve is required to advance a cause.
Engage represents the active participation and resulting actions of all people involved.

Why is The Patterson Foundation supporting the SPIRE CoLab?

The Sarasota-based Patterson Foundation believes in the power of partnerships among people, organizations, media, nonprofits and others to shape their futures. The SPIRE CoLab inspires people and organizations to take action on relevant issues, such as grade-level reading, in a way that creates a more promising future for all communities.

How is the SPIRE CoLab different from traditional news media?

Traditional news media often examines an issue but may not address responses to it. The SPIRE CoLab engages communities to take action on relevant issues by sharing a more complete story, providing depth of information, and providing opportunities and resources that empower people to take action.

Who is behind the SPIRE CoLab?

A partnership between journalism and philanthropy, the SPIRE CoLab is led by the Herald-Tribune Media Group with support from The Patterson Foundation. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.

What issues does the SPIRE CoLab look at?

The SPIRE CoLab will examine relevant social issues. Initially, it will focus on the Campaign For Grade-Level Reading, a national effort to ensure all children are reading on grade level by the end of third grade.

What is The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading?

The Campaign for Grade-Level Reading is a national collaborative effort based on an important predictor of school success and high school graduation: reading at grade level by the end of third grade.

How is the Herald-Tribune Media Group contributing to the SPIRE CoLab?

The Herald-Tribune media group is providing leadership, capacity and journalism professionals who lead the SPIRE CoLab. SPIRE CoLab functions as a newsroom within the Herald-Tribune newsroom.

How can I ensure that the SPIRE CoLab knows about what my organization is doing?

This project is in the research and development phase as partners determine best practices. While many social causes are important and require communications, other causes are not currently being considered.

How can I contribute to the SPIRE CoLab?

Please submit all story ideas to the SPIRE CoLab editor: engage@spirecolab.com.